Our workers’ compensation lawyers fight the insurance companies so you receive all your benefits

Workers’ compensation law applies to workers injured as a result of performing work for an employer. Our firm’s expert workers’ compensation lawyers represent injured workers when the insurance company has denied the injured worker’s benefits.

Workers’ compensation claims are usually denied when the workers’ compensation insurance company obtains a report from a medical doctor hired by the insurance company to evaluate an injured worker’s case. While this doctor is often viewed as biased in favor of the insurance company, the doctor’s examination is known as an “independent medical examination.” Our workers’ compensation lawyers will evaluate the merits of a denied case.

Our workers’ compensation lawyers work on a contingency fee basis—they receive payment only if they obtain a favorable result for you. Even if your compensation case has not been denied by the insurance company, you should ask a workers’ compensation lawyer to evaluate your case to see if you’re receiving all available benefits.