Attorney fees in Wisconsin worker’s compensation cases are set by Wisconsin Statute, specifically Wisconsin Statute § 102.26.  No attorney representing injured workers may charge more than a 20% contingency fee, meaning an attorney can only charge 20% of the amount of money collected for the injured worker.  If a case is conceded and the attorney’s efforts did not play a role in obtaining compensation for the injured worker, only a maximum attorney fee of $250 may be charged. Further, all attorney fees must be approved by a worker’s compensation judge.


At Hale Skemp, an initial consultation is free in worker’s compensation cases.  An initial consultation also does not bind an injured worker to hiring us.  If an injured worker hires us, we charge a 20% contingency fee on the amounts we help the injured worker obtain.  We do not charge the allowed $250 fee on conceded claims.  As a result, there is little downside in contacting us to discuss your potential worker’s compensation claim.

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