Our expert farm accident lawyers understand the agriculture industry

Farming is a major industry in our area, and this work can be dangerous. Severe injury can result from improper safety guards or malfunctioning or defective equipment. In some situations a co-worker or other contract laborer acts recklessly or negligently, causing injury. In other cases injuries are caused by vehicle roll-overs, toxic chemical accidents, falling objects, and electrocution.

Sometimes an agricultural accident is covered by worker’s compensation, but in many cases recovery from third parties is possible. If defective or improperly serviced machinery injures a farm worker, the service company or the manufacturer may be forced to pay civil damages. If a delivery truck were to hit a farm worker or strike a farm vehicle, not only is the driver liable, but also his employer.

If you’ve been injured in a farm accident, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, wages, loss of earning capacity, and your pain and suffering. For over 100 years, we have been helping our local farmers.

Our experienced farm accident lawyers can help you get the compensation and resources that you need to fully recover physically and financially.