Our auto accident attorneys protect your rights

Auto accidents happen in a matter of seconds, but their consequences can last a lifetime. Often car accident victims are disoriented and not sure what they should do about a potential claim. With our experienced motor vehicle accident attorneys by your side, we’ll help you navigate the complex issues involved, make sure your car accident is thoroughly investigated, and protect your rights.

Our auto accident attorneys represent injured persons in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Both states have different statutes of limitations on claims for motor vehicle accidents, which makes it important for you to find out sooner rather than later what rules apply to your case. It is also important to contact an auto accident attorney soon after your accident so that evidence of the accident scene can be preserved and witnesses interviewed.

Hale Skemp’s personal injury lawyers have the skill and resources to immediately assist you and move your claim forward. We believe injustice for the injured and our attorneys are dedicated to serving you in that pursuit.

Before discussing your claim with an insurance company, consult with one of our auto accident attorneys so you can understand the claim process and preserve your right to fair compensation.