Our product liability lawyers investigate product defects that have caused injury to you or a loved one

A defective product can cause a user to be injured. Our product liability lawyers assist in investigating a product for defects, and finding out who designed, built, and sold the defective product. A product may be defective for a variety of reasons, including:

  • A bad design
  • Mistakes made in the manufacturing or building process
  • Inadequate instructions or warnings to the consumer

If you believe a product is defective, it is important to preserve and photograph the product. Making changes to a defective product, or throwing the defective product away, may prevent an injured party from bringing a claim against the company that made or sold the defective product. Our experienced product liability lawyers will lead the process of preserving evidence, speaking with witnesses, and meeting with engineers and experts to determine the product defect.

Depending on how long since the product was sold, there may be short deadlines to bring a legal claim, so it’s important to contact a Hale Skemp product liability lawyer as soon as possible.