Independent medical examinations (also known as an “IME”) are commonly used by worker’s compensation insurance companies to dispute an injured worker’s work comp claim. Once a worker’s comp claim is made, the insurance company will often indicate that it is sending the injured worker for a “second opinion,” which is often an IME. However, it is important to note that the doctor performing the independent medical examination is not a treating doctor, and he or she is paid by the insurance companies to provide opinions on the injured worker’s work comp claim. While it is possible that the IME doctor finds in favor of the injured worker, many times the IME results in a denied case.

It is important to understand that the unfavorable IME results do not mean that you do not have a case. It means that the insurance company has a defense to the case. In other words, you still have the right to pursue your claim and attempt to collect benefits. Most importantly, this is the time to contact a worker’s compensation attorney to gather advice as to how to proceed forward.

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